What people are saying

About Meet and Greet with Fellow Vegetarians at the Self Discovery Center

This event was fun. I enjoyed meeting the people.


So much better than a date night out! Left re-energized, relaxed and filled with love, and even more deeply connected to my partner!


About the Ascension Workshop with Dr. Sandra Earl and Anandini

I felt the healing in the session. Sandy could sense the issue and help you resolve it. I felt tuned into the awareness/energy of the group and felt synchronicity with what was happening in my life and what we were working on in the workshop…


Awesome! I experienced an emotional change that made an incredible impact on my life. Definitely recommend it. Thanks!


About the Self Discovery Center

Hello, my name is Ben. My wife, Jeri, visited the Self Discovery Center and cannot stop raving about what a wonderful experience she had. I am looking forward to some work there myself.


My name is Jenn; I am very excited to have discovered the Self Discovery Center through my friend Steph, who teaches yoga there. I look forward to all the Center has to offer.


About Sivananda Yoga with Michelle

I felt a wonderful sense of deep relaxation and rejuvenation at the same time. Fabulous!


Really enjoyed the session. Felt like I was calming my mind as I exercised my body.


About Atma Power Yoga with Stephany

Stephany was a super teacher. She worked with everyone in class very well. We had several of us that were new and Stephany made us all comfortable.

Dr. Sandra Earl

I’m so glad I attended this class this morning! Stephany held the class outside on the grass and it was amazing to feel the breeze on my skin and connect with nature as we moved through the Asanas. I liked the sequencing of the poses, which were challenging but not too strenuous, and Stephany was very attentive to our alignment. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone!


It is not only great for my body but for my mind and spirit! Love it!


This is a very special class…awesome yogis and yoginis, an amazing venue (100 yr old house)!


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