Kirtan Jam nights


Kirtan at the SDC!! – Every Thursday at 7:30 PM

Bring your voice, drum, shaker, flute, guitar – whatever you have that makes sound and come and join in the fun as we join together and sing.

As always, we will have vegan snacks available.

There is no cost for this event, but please feel free to leave a love offering to cover the cost of food.

From the rural roads of Mayapur to the busy streets of New York City, today we are witnessing a kirtan explosion. Kirtan is a call-and-response style of meditative singing of ancient, sacred mantras. Though of Indian origin, artists around the world are using many languages, hymns and chants from a variety of traditions, to express heart-felt devotion for the Divine.

Kirtan calls upon energies of the divine which serve to quiet the mind, remove obstacles, open the heart, bring us back to the center of our being, and acquaint us with our Self.

According to Pure Music’s Frank Goodman, “Kirtan, like the unpredictable rise and rejuvenation of the many forms of yoga in recent years, is everywhere now and there is a growing number of people flocking to the kirtan scene”. From packed sat- sanga nights in yoga studios, to bhakti festivals, to chanting workshops and retreats, yogis are embracing kirtan.

It is a language that we all understand—the language of love—for something greater than ourselves. Kirtan unites people and gives them a single heartbeat of divinity. And in a world that is too often rooted in the mundane and disintegration of spirit. Kirtan is a healing balm for the soul, and has been for centuries in India.

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