Women of Bhakti – Movie & Dinner

Since the beginning of time, humankind has sought connection with the Divine. The sacred texts of mystic India reveal a spiritual path known as bhakti yoga, service and devotion. Over one thousand years ago, this path of Divine love became a movement that transformed medieval India. This revolutionary movement brought women to the forefront of bhakti recognizing that women embody the essence of selfless love to the Divine. These luminary saints guided the way for future generations of women of bhakti.

Following the movie we will have a guided bhakti meditation session, and we will have delicious vegetarian snacks available throughout the evening.
Questions?: see http://womenofbhakti.com/wisdom/

Watch the trailer at: http://www.womenofbhakti.com/

**Love offerings accepted**

Women of Bhakti is a documentary film about women in the bhakti (devotional) tradition – featuring compelling interviews with scholars, sadhus, and modern day yoginis who share gems of wisdom about the transformational power of bhakti.

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